राशिफल - गुरूवार, February 27, 2020


Auspicious Color: Purple
There are chances of changes in your life, opportunities for improvement in your overall fortune, you may plan to purchase a fresh vehicle today.


Auspicious Color: Firozi
Complete your all old pending work, take a decision after well-controlled consideration, avoid dispute at any cost.


Auspicious Color: Slaty
The personal problem may go up, try to complete your work in time, accept the changes that you are coming across in your life.


Auspicious Color: Blue
The family problem may be on the rise, take decisions according to your experience, do not overspend money for no plausible reason.


Auspicious Color: Golden Yellow
Drive vehicles very cautiously and not without a helmet, avoid disputes and be away from them, take a decision after you have considered everything.


Auspicious Color: Green
For no reason, the dispute may be compounded, try to complete your work in time, you may plan a journey.


Auspicious Color: Slaty
Try to control your feelings while you are talking or conversing with others, success my improve your morals, an opportunity for employment is on the way.


Auspicious Color: Sky Blue
Physical problems may get complicated, you may enter a kind of dispute with your own people, try to avoid disputes,complete your work in time.


Auspicious Color: Almond
You may plan a new project work today, with this the opportunity for improvement in your fortune, complete your work after you have considered everything.


Auspicious Color: Black
Between husband and wife, there may be a dispute of some kind, try to resolve the dispute amicably, you are planning a journey which is going to be successful, pay attention to your health.


Auspicious Color: Blue
Family problems may get aggravated, try to help out the needy ones, take decisions in time.


Auspicious Color: Red
Improvement in your economic conditions, try to complete your all old pending work, decide after proper consideration.
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