राशिफल - गुरूवार, October 17, 2019


On the romantic front, you will be able to win over the love of the one you are desirous of. This may not turn out to be a professionally satisfying day as you fail to achieve what you set out for. It is best to take some advice to take the right direction in a domestic matter. A celebration can have an adverse impact on your savings. Find ways to conserve money.


A former lover can come and haunt you, giving you sleepless nights. Your habit of gossip may not be appreciated by all and can even make you eat your own words! Friends and relations may appear to keep you at a distance. The money you had been expecting is not likely to materialize soon. The prospects of promotion fizzle out for some, as competition grows stronger. A minor ailment can bug you.


A real estate transaction can prove to be a good investment. You are likely to find extra energy to cope with additional work. Your pet hobby is likely to keep you happily engaged today. A marriage proposal can become a source of joy for the eligible. All aches and pains, you have been suffering from, simply disappear. Togetherness strengthens loving bonds, so make a deliberate effort to spend time with partner.


Monetarily, the day appears to be a mixed bag as you spend what you earn. This is not the day to travel long distance. Be extra careful if driving at night. In your attempt to be just, don’t weigh everyone on the same scale, as it can affect your output at work. Don’t invest in property today. Those forced to live away can find it difficult to join the family.


Your indifferent attitude is likely to rub off on partner and make an outing colourless. An excellent professional opportunity can be missed by some. A raise or bonus will be like a shot in the arm for those on the financial downswing. Good learning opportunities are foreseen for those undergoing training. An honor or reward can be expected by some. A positive outlook will sweep minor ailments aside.


You are likely to find yourself fitter than usual. You make little progress on the professional front today. Feeling of lethargy and boredom can prevent you from achieving much. An evening out can be spoiled and the reason can be as trivial as an argument over a petty issue! Bank balance can get depleted, as you are forced to make some unexpected payments. Those travelling should be careful on the road.


A good amount of time can be wasted in finishing a project or task. Some guests can come and stay with you unannounced and upset your daily routine. Homemakers can feel burdened with household chores. A bonus or increment can be held in abeyance, but not for long. Those applying for leave can face some hurdles. Health needs care in this changing season. Keep romance on the backburner today.


A good investment opportunity comes your way and promises to make you financially secure. Good professional guidance will help you achieve what you have in mind. A piece of good news will spread excitement in the family. Giving a helping hand to someone in need will be much appreciated. Your loving bonds grow stronger as you come closer to the love of your life. It is best to junk the junk food.


Family will appear supportive, but you will have to do their bidding. This is an excellent day for you. Leave you have been seeking will be granted, so make the most of it. Whatever bad has happened in the past will disappear as you start with a clean slate. Those in love should be upfront about it, instead of carrying on behind parents’ backs. Health remains excellent.


Your scheming ways are not likely to succeed. It is time to change your outlook in life. Don’t shirk a responsibility as chances of losing face over it cannot be ruled out. You can get envious of someone you don’t get along well with. Disillusionment on the marital front can force you into some hard thinking. You may try to impress someone, but your efforts will be in vain.


Options before you can befuddle your mind. Someone’s advice will help you in making correct decisions. Think for yourself and don’t get swayed by the opinions of others, even if they are your closes ones. Some shuffling on the work front is likely, but will not affect you. A job at home may entail extra expenditure, so grin and bear it! Spend time with partner, but respect his or her space.


You get into the grip of things and are likely to assert your authority at work. Efforts on the domestic front may not get you immediate appreciation. Some of you are likely to donate for a good cause. You may need to instill confidence in a family youngster regarding something important. You will succeed in saving money from daily expenses. Don’t sweep a health issue under the carpet.
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