राशिफल - शनिवार, December 14, 2019


Auspicious Colour: Blue Social progress and social Prestige show improvement and then there are chances of your promotions as well, try to avoid disputes at all cost, you may plan to enter a partnership with your family members of with your friends.


Auspicious Colour: Saffron Opportunity for improvement in your overall fortune, you can have betterment in or better relations with two people to a new person, try to finish your work and time.


Auspicious Colour: Red You may overspend money today, try to make decisions in time, don't follow others blindly.


Auspicious Colour: Green Improvement in your economic conditions you, may undertake a long-distance traveling today with your family members, there will be a lot of laborious work upon you to finish.


Auspicious Colour: Pink Whatever you desire may be fulfilled today, try to decide after each and every aspect has been considered, the economy shows improvement today.


Auspicious Colour: Purple You may spend money on the future plans,, try to take decisions after you have thought over the prospects and consequences, money problems may get compounded for that you have to be cautious.


Auspicious Colour: White You may be worried about your own health problem, try to put forth your viewpoint confidently after studying every effect, anger, and tension on the rise, try to avoid both of them.


Auspicious Colour: Almond Try to control your feelings and don't make a decision under the influence of your feelings, problems can get complicated, try to complete your work, you can enter a partnership with other people.


Auspicious Colour: White Invest after you've thought over the consequences of an investment, some personal discussions or some persons attitude may hurt you, try to control your own speech.


Auspicious Colour: Black Success may improve your morale and inspire you, don't follow others blindly, you may be worried about the exchange of money with somebody.


Auspicious Colour: Yellow You may have to borrow money today,it seems you may be worried about your foreign Travels, but be cautious about the foreign Travels, a dispute with your dear ones is on the card.


Auspicious Colour: Slaty You plan to purchase a house or a vehicle, try to decide with full consideration, finish your work and time.
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