राशिफल - बुधवार, July 26, 2017


You will realise over time that those whom you despise today may become your greatest supporters tomorrow. Handling unexpected expenditures may not be a problem, as you have enough in your kitty. Professionally, your ideas will be much appreciated. You will be able to hold your own in a competitive situation on the academic front. Arrival of guests is likely to brighten the domestic front. Health of those ailing for long is set to improve.


Certain personal commitments may make you miss an important deadline or meeting on the professional front. A pressing domestic problem will be resolved to the satisfaction of all. Loose ends on the academic front will be tied up, as you gear up to give your best. Do your bit for a family elder to avoid getting into an embarrassing situation. A loan you had applied for may get delayed. Irregular eating may not be in your favour.


Remain careful at work, as you can fall prey to the machinations of a professional rival. You are likely to get a chance to spend an enjoyable time with someone close today. Writers and designers may find it difficult to convince clients regarding their ideas. Financial troubles for those in debt are likely to be over soon. Health may cause concern, but will be nothing serious. Those in romantic mood will find the day quite fulfilling.


This is a good day to impress those who matter on the professional front. A family member is likely to come to your aid in something important you are involved in. Much satisfaction is in store on the academic front, as your performance improves. Spouse or someone close is likely to make the day immensely entertaining. Monetary problems become a thing of the past. Love is in the air and finding a suitable partner cannot be ruled out!


Your extra efficiency is likely to wind up a lot of work today on the domestic front. Those trying to be socially in will need to take the trouble of organising something and call people over. Your professional output may be lower than usual today. Volunteers can expect to have a hectic time, but the new experience will prove enjoyable all the same! Someone may contest a property acquired through inheritance. Keep mental tensions at bay through meditation.


Good news on the professional front will keep you in a buoyant mood. Your example as a role model may be quoted on the academic front. Admission to a prestigious institute may become a reality for some. Those feeling unwell for sometime are likely to recover quickly. Financial uncertainty, that has been prevailing for sometime, is likely to dissipate. You will need to find some excuse to get out of office to spend time with lover!


Reposing too much faith on someone and opening your heart out may backfire, as he or she can let you down. A day of inane discussions and pointless meetings is foreseen on the work front. Those in salaried jobs may get caught goofing off. Your holier-than-thou attitude on the social front may make you lose a lot of brownie points. A friendly bet with a friend or a colleague may turn into a fight, so be careful.


The day promises a lot of work on the domestic front, so become a willing worker fast or face the consequences! Visiting friends and relatives may waste a lot of your personal time. Solid gains are seen for those playing the stocks or indulging in betting. Those feeling unwell of late may already be on the path to total recovery. A project may entail a lot of travelling. Earning on the side is likely to improve the financial situation.


Mood swings will need to be kept in check, before they spoil the day. Jumping to conclusions and doing something rash on the professional front can lead to embarrassment. You will be able to handle extra burden of work most efficiently. A lucrative deal may slip out of your fingers, if you are not proactive. Some of you may feel a bit frustrated on the romantic front, as things dont move your way. Keep travel options open-ended.


Your performance is likely to bring you into the notice of those who matter on the professional front. Excellent financial management will keep your coffers brimming and help realise your dreams. If you are preparing for a crucial event, you can blindly bank upon the support of friends and well wishers. Witnessing an event with family is on the cards for some and will prove most enjoyable. A chance of love at first sight may get the pulse racing!


You can feel neglected and ignored by people who matter on the work front. Hurdles are foreseen for those trying to recover a loaned amount. Newlyweds or young couples may experience differences and may remain incommunicado. An event may turn out to be a low-key affair and your attending it may seem totally pointless. Those ailing may not be able to recover quickly. Someone backbiting on you on the academic front may put you into a lot of trouble.


Those new on the job will get the opportunity to impress higher ups. Your spiritual bent of mind will help in achieving total bliss and peace of mind. Those pursuing higher studies will be able to make good progress. A family member will be adamant to do things his or her own way, so give way to keep domestic harmony. Previous investments will help in making you financially secure. Lover is likely to give you good advice.
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