राशिफल - मंगलवार, January 26, 2021


Auspicious Color: Purple
Responsibility maybe on rise, take everybody's support along, economic condition is showing improvement today.


Auspicious Color: Red
You will be surrounded by lot of laborious work, take decision after proper contemplation, there may be dispute with your own people.


Auspicious Color: Green
Do not take decision under the influence of your emotions, you will have to attend to lot of laborious work, take everybody's, support along.


Auspicious Color: White
Isolate yourself from family dispute, you may be confused about what is right what is wrong, there may be dispute with your dear ones, avoid this.


Auspicious Color: Golden Yellow
You will have to attend to lot of laborious work, complete your work in time, some profitable opportunities may crop up.


Auspicious Color: Black
Tension will be on rise, exercise fullest control upon your speech, anger and tension may cause mental worries, take everybody's supporter along.


Auspicious Color: Almond
Trade and business problems may be complicated, try to seek other people's support, do not handle two works together.


Auspicious Color: Slaty
Do not take decision under the influence of your feelings, success may hike up your moral, try to support what do you think is right.


Auspicious Color: Firozi
You may plan to purchase a vehicle today, decide after proper contemplation and due thoughts.


Auspicious Color: Pink
Control your unnecessary expenses, take decision in time, you will over spend money, avoid this.


Auspicious Color: Sky Blue
You may meet some old friends of yours, you may plan to purchase vehicle and will also plan to undertake a long distance journey. pay full attention to your health.


Auspicious Color: Yellow
Personal problems may get compounded, trade and business are showing changes, try to complete your work in time.