The house of expenses and losses


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This house portrays to the individual\'s inner self, tribulation undergoing all through our life, secret rivals, and severe infirmity. It is associated with the places of captivity such as hospitals, prisons, convents, etc., and also consists of loneliness, admitting defeat, and self-sacrifice. It can be called the house of dreams, of the subconscious and all mysterious things that are unseen from the human sight. Everything is hidden can be evidently seen by the people around us, and our friends may see its secrets as a usual part of their daily routine, as it is the second, “logical” house after the eleventh one. This is the house of supreme knowledge we find in our close friends and social associates, and though some get its best through gossiping, and the others get it through spiritual assistance and support. The Latin motto of this house is “carcer”, meaning “prison”. (Ruled by Pisces)

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