Pandit RamKrishna Sharma, Vedic Karmakand,Numerology Expert

Pandit Ram Krishna Sharma is a Vedic Karma Kanda expert and He is a well-known astrologer in Bhopal.Pandit Ji has been practicing about 19-20 years.His proficiency on Numerology, Vedic karma kanda & Vastu Shastra.

Mrs. Anita Jain, Astrology Expert

Mrs. Anita Ji is an astrology expert, she has specialized in the various field of Astrology.She has been practicing for about 16-17 years. She has resolved various problems with 90-95% accurate prediction. She is a well-known astrologer in Bhopal.

Mr. Ashok Kumar , Horoscope Expert

Mr. Ashok is a renowned Horoscope Astrologer who is well-known for his accurate predictions.He was endowed with the title of “JyotishBhushan” by Ganesh JyotiSanstha.He is using Astrological consultation while doing horoscope analysis to client.

Mr.Rishi Singh, Vastu Expert

Mr.Rishi is a Vastu Guru who has been practicing the rules of Vastu Shilp for over 5yrs. As a Vastu Consultant,he works with the principles of Vastu science,for planning as well for living style(Interior planning)for physical and temporal comfort.

Mr. Jobin Cletus, Operations Manager

Mr. Jobin Cletus is our Operations Manager, He is a P.M.P certified professional and has over 7 years experience in I.T industry. He act with integrity, honesty and knowledge that promote the culture and mission of Vedic Kundli.

Miss Poonam Khare, Customer Relationship Executive

Miss Poonam Khare is a Customer support executive, she deals directly with the customer's inquiries. Poonam use her skills and experience to ensure that Vedic Kundli delivers the highest standards of service to customers.

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