From: Lucknow /Posted On: Feb 14, 2017

"Without knowing anything about me Mrs Anita Jain discovered hidden connections concerning my life path and saw the different aspects of my personality. This showed me that she successfully combines her intuition with the principles of Vedic Astrology and that is why her reading could be so accurate, straight forward and informative. I could clearly feel her great dedication and warm hearted nature."

pankaj singh

From: bhopal /Posted On: Feb 14, 2017

"I am communicating with you after a long time, perhaps after a year or so. As you had predicted, during the Rahu dasha, I will be tempted (heart) to go back to India, but career wise (brain) I would want to be outside India. I guess it is happening. You had predicted that Rahu dasha would see me going back to India and again outside India and it will be a mixture of both. I guess this is turning out to be true."


From: akansha.agrawal@gmail.com /Posted On: Feb 06, 2017

You have come out with accurate predictions for me time and again, Thanks for the same and I sincerely appreciate your views and thoughts, which guided me through my endeavours. Thank you for your recent reading for me which was like soup for the soul.

Dhwani Dubey

From: Chandigarh /Posted On: Feb 05, 2017

I'm so glad I contacted you. thank u so much for ur help Anita mam