वैदिक ज्योतिष में वैदिक रत्न समाधान

Vedic star divination has 3 elements within which the third half is termed Remedial Star Divination. The second half is termed Prophetic Star Divination, popularly won't to predict the long run of someone. However precautions taken against inauspicious planetary results, come back below the sphere of Remedial Star Divination. Let’s begin with some remedies prescribed by Astrologers.

Gemstone remedies

Every planet includes a gem and a sub-gem. Astrologers counsel gems and sub-gems to receive beneficent influence from the world of that gem. Original and top quality gems works wonders. However in currently top-class gems area unit rare and solely the luckiest person will get them. It’s terribly troublesome to realize original gems nowadays.
Today markets are crowded with imitation gems and common individuals are unable to spot the proper gems and wear them. The faux gems are ineffective and can't offer you any advantages and this creates an issue mark on the quality of star divination in addition as on wearing gems.
If you use a faux gem, gem-therapy and its connected remedies like color-therapy and stone-therapy become ineffective. Even though someone gets the real gem, it'll have an effect solely throughout its amount within the Vimshottari Mahadasha or sub-period. Gems factory-made during a laboratory don't have any impact, therefore be terribly careful whereas shopping for gems.

Yantra Remedies

The finished product of the inscription of Mantras of gods and goddesses on metals like steel, copper etc is named Yantra. Yantra is additionally referred to as the structure of Mantra. They’re energized on a selected moment using mantras of the divinity concerned. After this, the Mantra of the divinity is chanted a particular number of times sitting in front of the Yantra. During this method the Yantra gets activated so is put in within the prayer area. It should be praise daily with incense sticks and candles to induce good results out of it. You’ll conjointly keep pure tiny Yantra within the form of a pendant or might even tie it to your arms.
A person ought to be spiritual and honest as Yantra works well if often praise with a pure heart. It’s non-effective for atheists.

Chanting Remedies

To calm planets and find advantages from them mantras related to the planets ought to be recited. Recitations will be categorised into Vedic, Ancient, Material, Trantrik and Saabar recitational branches. There are separate norms, numbers, to recite a Mantra and for special Mantras there are special garlands.
Example: Basil garlands are used for Vaishnav Mantras, Rudraksha Garland for Shiva Mantras, and Lotus seeds garland are used for Laxmi Mantra recitation. To induce wishes results, the person should chant the Mantras for the prescribed number of days and prescribed number of times. Solely then the Mantra can yield impact.

Yajna Remedies

To Yajna could be a spiritual manner of remedy to meet one’s need. From the Vedas we have a tendency to get to understand that Yajnas were performed in earlier period and were important within the daily lives of our ancestors. Some vital Yajnas that were performed to meet wishes within the Vedic amount were: Rajasuya Yajna, Ashwamedha Yajna, and Mahamrityunjaya Yajna.

Fast Remedies

The importance of fast has been observed from history. Quick is performed each for a need and while not need. Here I’ll discuss envious quick. Women keep fasts for sixteen and twenty 2 weeks to induce married and attain wealth severally.
For wedding Jupiter and for accumulating wealth Venus is praise. If one keeps his/her quick up to sixteen weeks and or twenty-two weeks then special rituals are performed within the last week of the quick. An individual should keep the quick for the day, and break it inside of the sunrise consequent day. During this manner in a very pure manner abstinence will provide the person sensible results