Venus In 9th House In Navamsa Chart And Raja Yoga When Rahu In 9th House 

Jupiter In 9th House For Female And 2nd Marriage

Impact Of Ketu In 9th House For Career And Health

The House Of Fate And Fortune


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This House is the realm of spirituality and beliefs, superior standards, isolated travels, both physical and inner ones. The 3rd House refers to person’s need to know his close and personal surroundings, the 9th House is a part in which one seeks to learn the importance of greater fields of social being which one may not experience directly but our mind may explore it by the use of analogy, simplification, and generalization. Everything that expands our outlook teaches us new things and helps us move ahead in our 9th House. The fighters of religion, moral approach, college, or their own growth of any kind can be seen here. The Latin motto of this House is “Iter” exactly means “Journeys”. (Ruled by Sagittarius)

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