Online Vastu

Online Vastu


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Please email us the details and layout of your home/office/shop and we shall send a personalized detailed Vastu Report with our observations and recommendations.

Please submit the following details:-
• Send 1-page layout plan (drawing/sketch) of the property (in case of Bungalow, then please send 1-page layout plan of each floor).
• Please mark the Magnetic North direction on the layout plan (drawing).
• For better insight, you could send photographs of the property or if it is residential home project then please send photographs of the main door (from outside and inside), bedroom, drawing room etc. (sending the photographs is suggested, but, it is optional).
• You may send your Questions / Queries / History / Feedback pertaining to the property.

What you will receive
Through Email, you will get a detailed customized Vastu Report. We devote sufficient time to diagnose the layouts/photos and identify the flaws and Vastu Doshas. The Vastu Report would contain the 'Observations' and 'Suggestions' on Macro and Micro level. We shall mention the idealist solutions. We understand that many times it is not possible to do the structural changes hence we shall also give workable (practical) solutions/remedies which would help you to improve your life and business.

Just fill in the necessary required details along with your questions


Word Limit : 300

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